Will vehicular parking be provided on site and if so, where will the parking be for this development?

    • On June 23, 2020, City Council approved Open Option Parking, which provides developers’ flexibility to choose the amount of parking that they feel is appropriate for their projects.  The parking supply for this project will accordingly be determined at the development permit stage.

    • The proposed zone would allow for a shared parkade to be built with the McKernan Gates project, just west of this site.

    Where will the traffic from this development travel to get to and from the site?

    • A Transportation Impact Assessment was prepared for this application and discusses this topic in detail.   This report can be found online on the Application Webpage.

    • The site is located in close proximity to two arterial roads (114 Street NW and University Avenue NW). The development generated traffic is expected to  primarily use the east-west lane, 112 Street NW and 76 Avenue NW to connect to the arterial road network. A small portion of the development generated traffic is anticipated to travel on other internal neighborhood roads.

    What is the difference between a Standard Zone and a Direct Control Provision?

    • A Standard Zone is one that already exists within the Zoning Bylaw and applies to various pieces of land throughout the City.  This type of zoning is meant to provide a range of potential uses and a building envelope, but does not guarantee a specific building design. 

    • A Direct Control Provision is a type of zoning that is unique to a specific site or small area and has special regulations that are necessary based on the context of the site or area.  Usually with this kind of rezoning, a more exact building design is proposed and, if approved by Council, that is the only building that can be built.