LDA20-0306 DC2 124 Street Pyrmont - Westmount

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Colour rendering of a multi-level building with a street in front and to the right side.

***The discussion has concluded and a What We Heard Report is now available.**

Thank you for participating in engagement activities for this rezoning application.

The application is expected to go to City Council Public Hearing for a decision, with the exact date still to be determined. For more information, please visit these FAQs for Council meetings.

***The discussion has concluded and a What We Heard Report is now available.**

Thank you for participating in engagement activities for this rezoning application.

The application is expected to go to City Council Public Hearing for a decision, with the exact date still to be determined. For more information, please visit these FAQs for Council meetings.

Tell us what you think of the Application

Please let us know what you like and what could be better about this application. What should Council know as they decide whether or not to approve the rezoning? Other people that visit this part of the site will be able to see your comments.

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

I live in the neighbourhood and am 100 percent in support of this project. We need to increase density along our main streets, and this is an excellent example of that. Please approve.

Ian Wiebe about 1 month ago

As a non-retail small business owner, I would like to see one floor (2nd?) of the building set up for non-retail business use. Business condos are in very short supply in Edmonton.

David Boroditsky about 1 month ago

I fully support this beautifully designed project. 124th Street is a great area and this proposed development will contribute to its revitalization.

FionaA about 1 month ago

I feel that this proposed building is too large. Between the building residents and the retail, the traffic would be absolutely intolerable. The crime in this area is already high, adding a multi-unit housing complex will increase the possibility of more. There is no way this could be good for the area, any of its current residents or the infrastructure.

Staceyb72 about 1 month ago

I'm generally in favour of the design, but I think 70 units it too many. We need more 2 and 3 bedroom units in our part of city to encourage a wider diversity of residents.

David Boroditsky about 1 month ago

Love this project and how it brings seating onto the street and extends off 124th street! Hope to see this and more like it go ahead on 124th street!

dangao3 about 1 month ago

This is a well designed building that integrates walkable street front retail with adequate set backs for the residential along the north side of the building. By not incorporating balconies along the south and west portions of the buildings no set back is needed for the residential units. In addition, the majority of the balconies in the area are used as "storage" (bikes, recycling, etc) so this design will provide a necessary fresh clean exterior. 124th street is in need for walkable retail north of 111th ave as we push towards 118th ave and this building will serve this purpose.

KG about 1 month ago

As residents close to the proposed project, we would prefer it be limited to 4 floors and the unit limit (35) of original zoning. Consideration of units consistent with supports for Edmontonians currently experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity should be contemplated. Further, we would prefer to see commercial frontage limited to the 124th Street frontage and do not support its extension to include 109th avenue. Finally, due to the multi-storey nature of the proposal, we would request that the building be configured to locate outdoor spaces (e.g., patios) and large windows on the 124th Street side (west) of the building to protect the privacy of residential properties to the south, east, and north of the site.

Dani F about 1 month ago

As a business owner on 124 Street, I fully support this development, and the added density. This project will add to the vibrancy of 124 Street

Ken S about 1 month ago

This is a great design and a welcome additional to 124th street.

RyanY about 1 month ago

Love this, we need more of these projects, especially this close to downtown!

Abud about 1 month ago

While we applaud the developer in coming forward with a plan for this property, we as close neighbours do have a number of concerns.
This is a very dense coverage for the site leaving little green space for residents of the project. The height is also of concern. There are no other structures of this height along 124 street. The current design and height will mean that neighbours in the immediate area will have no privacy in their backyards, patios and decks. We would like to see a project of more modest height in keeping with the historic flavour of this 100 year old
area. Increasing the proposed occupancy from 35 to 70 units has a major impact for the community. We are concerned about the increased traffic and the parking implications. Parking in the area is already an issue and has been for many years. It will be magnified with the addition of the vehicle traffic this is going to generate. We do not object to the inclusion of commercial development provided it is confined to 124 street and does not migrate into the residential area. This would create trafific issues and add to already existing parking problems. We are concerned about the impact on an already stressed sewage system. The area is plagued with the smell sewage pretty much 24/7. We see this proposed project only increasing the problem. The continued development in the area, another large project for the site of the old grinder and today's approval of the development of a large supportive living complex in the area will also add to this situation. We question how much the area sewage system can handle,

wbkk about 1 month ago

I love the look of the building, and I think it will be a great addition to 124th street.

Erica Sorrell about 1 month ago

This is a fantastic development for 124th street. It continues the revitalization of 124th street moving north. The fact that it is mixed-use will help with density and getting people to that area.

The city requires more thoughtful and architectural developments of this nature.

Salvatore Corea about 1 month ago

As a landowner on 123 Street who shares the alley, I support this proposal. This proposal generally aligns with the changes that I was hoping for along 124 Street. In my opinion, the proposed development is in keeping with same scale found with the St. Lawrence Court condo development and would have a similar minimal impact on our community. It does represent change, but it is nice to see a mixed use concept for the proposal. The one concern I have as a resident of 123 street is the alley usage. I would like to see the alley upgraded to support the additional traffic. However, I am quite impressed with the proposed changes, and based upon my recollection of the public meetings held a few years ago, it contains many of the comments the public provided back then.

peteretsab about 1 month ago

What investigation or planning or actual work has been completed with regard to the old combined sewer system in this area?? As mentioned previously, the sewer smell here is TERRIBLE, and is especially notable at this exact location around 124/123 and 109 Avenue. The smell is unbearable at times.

How will the addition of 70 units to this old system impact the stench in this area of Westmount - the smell is already unbearable at times?

Additionally, parking is becoming a challenge around here. Considering the Beljan residential development just one block north that is also on the way, where will all the residents park their cars? As has been asked already, how many parking stalls are being created in the underground parkade?

123 Street Resident about 1 month ago

I like the design. This would be a welcome addition to this area of 124 street. There should be some wording in the rezoning to allow for street level EV charging stations.

cmb250 about 1 month ago

Like the outdoor patio spaces and architectural design. 100% in favour of this development. I think it adds a lot of value to 124 Street

LLB about 1 month ago

Looks nice enough, but I'm not sure about the variance of 70 units vs. maximum of 35 allowed by current zoning - how many parking stalls will be in that underground parkade? Parking around here is already getting to be a zoo. Guess everyone who lives in this building is going to be riding bikes as the developer is providing 0.6 bike stalls per unit, but funnily, no mention of the automobile parking...

I am assuming that the majority of the units in this building are going to be single bedroom units with 70 units in this footprint, maybe some 2 or 3-bedroom units for families?

I agree with concerns regarding utilities/infrastructure to support this development in this 100+ year old neighbourhood - we have enough problems with the sewer and water as it is. What improvements are going to take place to support another 100 - 140 - 200 people?

WB about 1 month ago

I would like to formally indicate my support for this project. It appears to be a perfect massing for this important street. I believe Edmonton is sorely lacking in active, dense, and interesting street corners. I think this project adds this to the area.
Thank you

Frank Rizza about 1 month ago