LDA19-0397 49 West Jasper Park

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Consultation has concluded

A colour image of the property that is proposed to be rezoned, showing a 6-storey building up close, from a birds-eye view above, looking down towards the building with a street in front of it

***The discussion has concluded and a What We Heard Report is now available.***

Thank you for participating in engagement activities for this rezoning application.

The application is expected to go to City Council Public Hearing for a decision, with the exact date still to be determined. For more information, please visit these FAQs for Council meetings.

***The discussion has concluded and a What We Heard Report is now available.***

Thank you for participating in engagement activities for this rezoning application.

The application is expected to go to City Council Public Hearing for a decision, with the exact date still to be determined. For more information, please visit these FAQs for Council meetings.

Tell us what you think about the application.

Please let us know what you like and what could be better about this application. What should Council know as they decide whether or not to approve the rezoning? Other people that visit this part of the site will be able to see your comments.

Consultation has concluded
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

I am against this new development cause it will create parking shortages for residential homes nearby and less safe for young kids crossing the street and more traffic jam. Also, it might bring in more unwanted irresponsible people to this peaceful neighborhood. It will be creating less of a home feel to this neighborhood that has more homes than apartments on 150 Street.

Linh over 1 year ago

A seven story building is too tall for the area based on the surrounding properties and will dwarf all surrounding properties. All neighbouring properties are either single family, or low rise apartment buildings. This property should stay as either single family as previously proposed, or low rise apartments to a maximum of 4 stories.

Having a residential property with over 100 units will make this area too busy and congested with both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The current infrastructure and especially the laneway that is proposed to be the vehicular entrance to the property is not sufficient for this large amount of traffic. There are also many blind spots in the laneway and I worry about the safety of pedestrians accessing the property or neighbouring properties. Also because of the commercial property on 149 St. that shares the laneway with this property, there are many delivery vehicles that park in and block the lane, making access impossible.

Birchwood over 1 year ago

I live in Jasper Park, many commenters do not. I understand the current situation with the vacant lot today, and obligation to provide parking to the adjacent business complex. This context is missing, because all surface parking shown is required for business tenants, not apartment tenants. Business tenant vehicles require over 50% of the vacant space today (over 30 vehicles), as well as nearby 150th street and 88ave. This project adds 42 surface parking lots, of which are 100% required for business tenant daytime parking. With 100 living units, unless there are 100 underground parking stalls, this project is going to expand the street-level parking congestion (and need for added City Bylaw enforcement and complaints) to homes 2 and 3 blocks away. Nearby residents will now compete with business tenants and apartment tenants to park in front of their own home.
I wonder what the average number of vehicles per 2-bedroom apartment are? Presuming 1 car, then that would add 100+ new vehicles to the area for which there are insufficient provisions between existing residents, business tenants, and new apartment tenants. I support development of this site, but this project is over-shadowed by the nearby business complex lack of parking. Take away the nearby business complex, or reduce the size of this building, or increase underground parking and I'd be 2 thumbs up!

Donovan over 1 year ago

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Matthew over 1 year ago

This is beautifully designed and brings some much needed density to the area. We need more developments like this near the future valley line west. After all, part of the reason why we're expanding the LRT is to attract developments like this that can improve our density and grow sustainably.

Matthew over 1 year ago

I have read the comments and it is clear as day that they are not by people who live in the area. The project is not well thought through, with respect to the impact to the immediate neighbours and the broader neighborhood. The JP neighborhood is already well over the City average in multi unit buildings, and is significantly above the surrounding neighborhoods. The new building does not have a parking solution for all the units, which will make the residents park their vehicles on the street in front of other people’s houses. The developer has been pressuring the City for almost a decade to make as building with as many units as possible.

Sax300 over 1 year ago

I live a little north of here. Excited to see more density and thoughtful proposals, especially with the LRT coming in the next few years. Great proposal! Let's build it!

Josh over 1 year ago

Please mandate environmental initiatives, for larger buildings like this something as simple as rainwater collection or solar roofing can make a big impact on the community. In addition, consider lighter colour materials to reduce heat trapping.

Hanna over 1 year ago

Looks like a great proposal for mid-density residential in an area that is currently under-served with respect to this type of development. Adding these units close to transit (as proposed) supports a more dense, efficient, compact city.

C10-Evan over 1 year ago

As a west-end resident, I support this proposal to bring medium-scale density and broaden housing options to the community and along a frequent transit corridor. So jealous of all those people who will get to live right behind Bon Ton Bakery!

TrevorHayden over 1 year ago

Absolutely beautiful project that adds density in a complementary nature to the neighborhood. It's projects like this that Edmonton needs more of, and will enhance residential areas for the next 100 years.

jason403 over 1 year ago

As a former resident of the neighbourhood, I am very happy to see this proposal. This will take over an unattractive empty lot and increase the housing options in the area. This type development at this location aligns with so many of the City's guidelines and the City Plan by moderately increasing density at a local node which provides access to commercial and mass transit services within walking distance. All of this plus this thorough rezoning application makes this a sure win for the City and local businesses!

Chance over 1 year ago

This is a reasonable, well-designed project adjacent to the future Valley Line LRT. I would gladly welcome such a project in my neighbourhood!

sheremha over 1 year ago

A reasonably scaled project that will provide some contemporary housing options for the area that are somewhat difficult to find in that area. Well served by transit, some walkability and aligned with many of our City's infill and guiding documents.

IanO over 1 year ago

I think this project will bring much-needed density to this central west Edmonton neighbourhood. With the new strip mall behind this building, it will also be great for the local businesses as there will be more customers. This is a great project to approve, in the right location!

FionaA over 1 year ago

I am for the project. I own a property on 151st St and hope it helps to increase our property values in the area. The re-development is helping to make the neighborhood better and increase density. Approve!

Tyson.Swain almost 2 years ago

I live in the neighborhood and I support this proposal. I like the newer development in our area and this will serve to further increase higher density housing. This makes sense with all the access to transit in the area, as well as the new LRT. I hope this project gets approved.

Brehdy almost 2 years ago