How do I leave a suggestion on the Bike Map Tool?

    1. Visit the map you want to provide feedback on.

    2. Zoom into the location that you would like to place a pin (using the plus or minus sign at the bottom right).

    3. Click on "plus-sign" icon on the left side of the screen to reveal the pins

    4. Choose the pin you want to drag onto the map (for example parking bay, loading zone or mid-block crossing icon).

    5. Drag the pin to the exact location of the feature you want to provide feedback on. Remember some features may require an impact to boulevard trees.

    6. Once your pin is placed, please type in a comment telling us why you chose that feature. You can upload a photo if you wish.

    7. You are not required to register to participate, however adding a pin will prompt you to provide some information: 

      • A username (which will appear publicly any time you make a contribution)

      • An email address (not displayed publicly)

      • Leave a comment (mandatory)

      • Tick the box that says “I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for using EngagementHQ”

    8. Before you press Submit, know that other participants will see your "screen name"  (Your screen name will be linked to the email address you provide - your email address will NOT be seen by other participants). 

    9. Your input will now be seen on the map.