With the recent damage to the turf following Edmonton Folk Festival, do any of the options work to prevent this type of future damage and support large events?

    The drainage concerns at Gallagher Park have been identified through the Gallagher Park Concept Plan development. The plan will identify the requirement for a new drainage solution that will consider the current state as well as future park developments and uses. Having this plan in place is essential, before we start planning for permanent infrastructure.

    Why aren’t other areas included in the plan, such as Rafter’s Landing or Mill Creek?

    The boundaries were set based on physical barriers as logical boundaries, such as roadways and the LRT. There are also differing goals and programming at Rafter’s Landing. Gallagher Park is focused on park development and the goals of the on-site partners. Rafter’s Landing and other areas are focused on river programming and use. The Gallagher Park Master Plan considers adjacent uses as surrounding context.

    Why is the Cloverdale League area not included in the project?

    The community league lands are leased to the community league, are not intended for City-wide uses and are not the subject of City-wide engagement.

    Why is the Mill Creek Day Lighting Plan not considered in this concept plan?

    It is considered, along with other neighbouring plans, but is outside of the project boundary area.

    What is happening at the Muttart Conservatory? How is that related to this work?

    The Muttart Conservatory is currently closed to the public for rehabilitation. The rehab project is seperate from the Gallagher Park Concept Plan.