Gallagher Park Concept Plan

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Consultation has concluded

This project is now closed for input. Thank you for your contributions! A What We Heard report and the final plan will be posted when completed.

This project is now closed for input. Thank you for your contributions! A What We Heard report and the final plan will be posted when completed.

Let us know what you think.

Please review the information about the concept plan (enlarged plans are included in the presentation, see "Presentation Videos About the Draft Plan" section), and let us know if you think we missed anything. Your feedback will be considered as the team finalizes the plan.

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

I really dislike and oppose the idea of a paved walk/bike way cutting through the beautiful green field space that people enjoy so much now. There are perfectly good, safe, quiet roads surrounding the field for people to cycle on (as they do now), so I don’t understand why you would erode the green space - it’s the most incredible part of this neighbourhood. I say this as both a cyclist and person who enjoys the field daily.

S. v-W 9 months ago

Vehicle barriers along the 97 Avenue are not necessary.

n/a 9 months ago

1) Agree with this comment previously posted: “Please don't ruin the trails in Camel Humps! The walking path up Cloverdale hill should also be naturalized not made of concrete/pavement”.
2) unclear in presentation of a “winter, then a summer walking trail” near the ski club, please provide more clear presentation material about this.
3) As multiple people have commented, public washroom location is terrible. Place this elsewhere (I don’t understand why this is even included), people should be encouraged to use the Existing City facility (Muttart) and to support businesses in that location.

Cloverdale Resident 9 months ago

The look outs seem interesting and will be used. Picnic areas are always a benefit too. I think the new trails are unnecessary and a waste of tax dollars - it is already an easy park to walk around with existing sidewalks, and a road which is now designated for walkers. Bikers have no issues driving through the sleepy neighbourhood on the smooth roads, and they are welcome by the residents. I'm on the fence with the washroom, if it should exist, having it closer to the rink or ski buildings might be better.

save money on new trails - better use would be fixing up the dump of a building in the ski area.

beedee 9 months ago

It is pretty clear residents are strongly opposed to a few of the proposed "upgrades". We should listen to the people, not make the park worse, and save the money.
1. - no public washroom in Gallagher Park
2. - no barricades on the east side of 95 st
3. - leave the camel humps alone

Graham 9 months ago

Most of the plan looks good. I prefer to leave the camel humps as natural as possible. I know its not a real nature area but nature has a way of healing. Don't think we need improved paths. Would ban mountain bikes as they cause a lot of path damage the walking doesn't.
Strange location for the bathrooms as it is away from anywhere people would gather. The folk fest brings temp washrooms in a similar location but that is different. Maybe the only place with access to sewer but no power in the area. I assume the LRT station will have a public washroom. Closer to the wading pool or by the skating rink would make more sense. Why you would have a washroom in the middle of a grassy area does not make sense. We need more grass/greenery not less with climate change.

Concerned Edmontonian 9 months ago

As a resident of Cloverdale I am completely against the public bathrooms that are part of this plan. Statistically public washrooms are only ever used by criminals for criminal activity. This could completely convert an area that doesn't have a crime issue currently into a central crime area. No one legitimate will use these and I don't see the point. People using the Muttart will use those bathrooms, the skill hill their bathrooms, and the playground the community area the community hall bathrooms.

Devon 9 months ago

With respect, I do think this re-development plan goes too far. Yes some upgrading of Gallagher Park facilities is warranted. For example, the “rink shack” for the hockey rink in the park needs work. The Edmonton Ski Club facilities require a major uplift. There was an excellent master plan developed by the ski club a few years ago and could provide a basis by which to move forward with those facilities. However adding more lighting, permanent outdoor washrooms, and additional paved walkways are not needed. Cloverdale is primarily a single family residential community. Developing the park to act as a draw for more events than now occur will detract from the residential character of the neighbourhood and negatively impact community safety and security.

Cloverdale Resident 9 months ago

I agree with the many people that have asked for the public bathrooms to be removed or relocated. It would make more sense to have them near the LRT station or the rink (where the port-a-potty is currently located). I personally would prefer to see the camel humps trails kept natural, as well as the east side of the hill, rather than adding paved paths in these locations. Perhaps the current path that runs along the west side of Cloverdale Hill Road could remain a shared use trail and we can keep the hill and Camel Humps as natural as possible? If you are trying to keep vehicles out of the park, you may want to think of adding some kind of vehicle gate at the entrance to the park at the south end of 96 St. There has been increased vandalism and dumping in that part of the park in recent years.

L 9 months ago

I have reviewed the plan for the Muttart/ski club/Gallagher Hill areas. As an avid cyclist I feel that a shared use pathway from the ski hill over to the community hall area and by the baseball diamond is a good idea. Currently, when we come down from the Millcreek Ravine, the path ends and we have to ride on the narrow residential streets. Would be much safer to ride across the park to get to the river valley. Because picnic sites/ new courtyards are planned for the Peace Dove , ski hill and Muttart areas, washrooms would be better placed there rather than far away by the community league. Makes sense to have them where the people are picnicking. Sidewalk by the ski hill would be good too.

Cyclist 9 months ago

The idea of toilets across from people homes is disgusting and totally unacceptable. Like another said put a toilet building across from your house! I question the competence of a designer that would ever even consider putting a permanent public washroom in the worst possible place across from people homes, wrecking the green space people love to use, and scarring the natural beauty of the park. Have you ever been to the park and sat in it and watched how it’s used? Add to that that all Cloverdale residents haven’t been properly notified that this is the FINAL plan and the FINAL call for concerns is shocking. And what’s also shocking is that permanent public toilets don’t even show up on previous plans and now ‘boom’ they’re plunked down in the worst spot unbeknownst to the unsuspecting Cloverdale resident.

Anyone who really cares about this park, doesn’t want to see or be near a toilet while: playing, eating, exercising, relaxing, taking photos, or just taking in the uninterrupted views from the bottom of the hill or the spectacular view from the top. Summer or winter! And no one wants to live beside it!

Aside from destroying the view from EVERY direction, it will also bring more crime to the park and area. Break-ins and crime have already increased in the area and this will be a magnet for illicit activities and make it a peril for the residents across the street and the entire Cloverdale community. Let’s also not overlook the city’s lack of maintenance and the unsightly weeds and grass that will grow around it.

As for the barriers around the park. I’m in awe walking along 97th Ave and how beautiful it is with the two rows of trees, the openness, and how it flows seamlessly into the grassy field and beyond. I have to stop and take it all in. Don’t destroy that! And again there’s the maintenance and weed issues. Also I’ve lived here for twenty years and putting traffic barriers is absolutely absurd, completely unnecessary, and in no way enhances the area. Another terrible idea.

So NO to fencing or barriers. And NO to public toilets. Omit the washroom all together or put it by the LRT station. Or if the city actually wanted to help the community, first fix the unacceptable drainage issues we suffer every year that the city ignores, and help the community build a new rink shack with possible washrooms in there.

Don't wreck the park 9 months ago

I was NOT able to zoom in as promoted by Jim Nakonechny in his spoken "video" ?? presentation. Half of my screen was a picture of Jim. Option 2 had the most positive feedback and that option did not have a sidewalk along the east side of 95 street. Also, neither Option 1 nor Option 2 had a public washroom located on 95 street. This stand-alone building would be an abomination to the beautiful park area. This neighbourhood is not 82 ave and Gateway. The most logical site for a public washroom is located next to the LRT station or as part of a renovation of the rink shack where the plumbing (water and sewer ) already exists.

Allan 9 months ago

I have reviewed the park plan material. This material fails to adequately explain the need for a public washroom in Cloverdale. We already are generous is making our residences subject to the many activities here. If a washroom is required for the LRT put it downtown where it will be available to many fellow Edmontonians. Don’t put it here to attract more to an area with more than its fair share of traffic.
On the fencing, I have not read anything indicating the need. Has anyone canvassed homes directly affected by the proposals?
What consideration has been given to prevent people parking here all day to take the LRT from this central location? What consideration was given to the community before allowing a pub at the ski club. I am 2 blocks away and have had occasions where I can hear there music over my turned up TV. And I have had people park their RV on 96 ave beside me and stay overnight(s).
This is not a NIMBY community. We gladly have many events and activities. We simply want recognition and respect of our homes and an ability to enjoy them without undue, unnecessary Interference.

Rod 9 months ago

Public restrooms at the playground are unnecessary and unwanted. The location should be changed to the ski club, the Muttart or the LRT stop. As residents, we can just go home to use our own facilities. I find the idea of fencing along 95 St perplexing since there used to be fencing along the greenspace but the City removed it (I'm guessing about 12 years ago??) due to difficulty with maintaining the grass under and around the fence. I agree with others that drainage needs to be looked at, especially now that we have minimal street curb heights to direct the water flows.

Resident 9 months ago

For the Folk Festival to be held successfully in the future our needs are simple:

An Electrical upgrade or we run the risk of "brown outs"

A drainage solution to address the worsening ground conditions during the festival

Terry Wickham 9 months ago

The plan looks nice. It would be good to do report to minimize disturbance to wildlife and plants for final plans. Would be nice to update Camel Humps info sign at bottom of area but also add a similar sign at the top stairs along strathearn drive entering Camel Humps.

Diana 9 months ago

As a non-resident if Cloverdale (I live in Strathearn) I suggest that public washrooms in the park are not necessary at all and the planners were inconsiderate in having them in the plan. Perhaps they are the same planners who put see-through public toilets at the entrance to the city on Gateway Blvd! Hmm. At best this plan has them in a very bad location. Please listen to the good feedback of the community residents on this. They live there and have invested emotional and financially in this area. It may be our city but it is their lives that are affected by this daily. Any changes should be modest and thoughtful as not every green space needs to be ‘developed’. That said, I think the addition of the picnic tables and courtyard near the Muttart seem well thought out. But keep in mind that encouraging more use of this area means more cars parking in the neighborhood. Do not be naive about people using the LRT. It is only convenient for some people and for those who wish to come in and leave having created some problems.

Karen 9 months ago

I come to the Folk Fest every year. Gallagher Park is the best location in North America for this event. Like most people, it's really the only time that I come to this park, so my comments are limited to that occasion. I am looking forward to the LRT stop being available and I hope that there will be a sufficient pathway and lighting for that area. I would not like to see any changes made to the park or surrounding areas which would affect the overall "feel" of the festival. I love that the event is 'natural' and unfussy. I don't feel that any additional grooming, planting or fencing would really add to the experience. The residents of Cloverdale have always been welcoming and patient with having thousands of people camping out for the weeks leading up to, during, and after the festival. I feel that we must take into account their feelings and opinions about changes. From most of the comments posted, I see that the residents don't want permanent washrooms built. Because the festival brings in enough temporary bathroom facilities for the festival, I would agree that there doesn't need to be permanent ones.

Folk Fester 9 months ago

I understand that public feedback has identified the lack of public washrooms as a current park deficiency, but the fact that the designers have chosen to locate those washrooms in perhaps the most obtrusive location possible makes me seriously question the city’s ability or intention to adequately take Cloverdale residents’ concerns into account. Similarly, the addition of a fence and barriers along 95th St and 97th Ave, effectively dividing the community from its beloved parkland, shows an appalling lack of judgement further eroding the community’s confidence in the legitimacy of this design process.
The washrooms should be integrated with a new Rink Shack and the idea of additional fencing and barriers along 95th St and 97th Ave should be abandoned entirely.

webborn 9 months ago

I think the bathroom facility in front of residential on the ghallager park side will taint the feel of the neighbourhood. The park and rink facilities have been asking for a new washroom facility for a while. I think it would be better suited near the rink shack. Maybe combine rink shack improvements at the same time as adding the washroom facility.

Allison 10 months ago