Gallagher Park Concept Plan

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Consultation has concluded

This project is now closed for input. Thank you for your contributions! A What We Heard report and the final plan will be posted when completed.

This project is now closed for input. Thank you for your contributions! A What We Heard report and the final plan will be posted when completed.

Let us know what you think.

Please review the information about the concept plan (enlarged plans are included in the presentation, see "Presentation Videos About the Draft Plan" section), and let us know if you think we missed anything. Your feedback will be considered as the team finalizes the plan.

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. Would the City consider locating the public washroom at the Edmonton Ski Club? ESC is planning a lodge redevelopment, with the intention to staff the facility year-round. This could be a good combination of amenities while minimizing the impact to useable parkland and addressing the neighbourhood's concerns. ESC looks forward to working jointly with the City, Community League and Folk Festival on the details of infrastructure improvements to the park (drainage, electrical, water, roads and pathways).

sfleming 9 months ago

Thanks for the opportunity for input:
1. Maintain the natural state of the Camel Humps while making it safer to navigate the area (footing can be treacherous at times) and include interpretative signage (though it's noted that the current signage is weathered and illegible.)
2. Improved lighting and accessible access is critical for safety and access, particularly in the Muttart Conservatory area and the LRT station.
3. Vehicle barriers should be considered essential. There's turf damage every year due to vehicles entering the park.
4. Drainage, landscaping are critical for ongoing use of the park, particularly in the main area, east of 95 Street.
5. Look at ways to redirect spring snow run-off from the ESC. Currently the run-off floods 96 Avenue and 95 Street as far north as 97 Avenue.
6. Clearly the washroom is contentious, particularly in terms of location. Residents have the option to go home when nature calls. Non-residents don't have that opportunity. The proposed location is unappealing for many residents, particularly those living on 95 Street. The portable toilet is a temporary option at best but it's not an all weather option. Consider working with the Community League to redevelop/upgrade the rink change rooms increase functionality and accessibility for year-round use.

Edmontonian 9 months ago

If catching criminals/fighting crime is really important wouldn't CCTV cameras monitored from a central location be the most effective? You can be zen about documenting and prosecuting all flavours of criminal activity.

Bikeee 9 months ago

I travel through and recreate in the park. --1-- Any obstructions across or in the park could lead to compromised sight lines and a collision between people and cyclists coming down the hill at speed. --2-- If you travel into the neighbourhood by vehicle or bicycle you can probably make it to a washroom. --3-- If you come into the neighbourhood via the future LRT connection it would be nice to have facilities there or nearby at the Muttart or Edmonton Ski Club (ESC). --4-- If you use the rink or the playground it would be nice to have a facility in between there. --5-- Winter use of the hills would be enhanced with facilities at the top of Connors road (no sight line obstruction/ collision danger) or at the ESC. --6-- You can't keep monster trucks off the grass. They are monsters. --7-- Picnic site enhancements are a nice idea but have you seen how many picnic sites across the city are in disrepair? Maybe we should fix those up first before we create more landfill. --8-- Cute coyotes have dens in the humps, please leave them alone.

---- Peace

Bikeee 9 months ago

The washroom debate is quite interesting. Not many people seem to think it is required or worth the money. I can certainly see how some park users may need facilities when using the park. That is why there is a portable toilet at the park right now. It seems to be working perfectly well and no one is complaining about it. Keep the portable toilet and there is no problem that needs to be solved by an expensive construction project. The barricades along 95 st and 97 ave are also not needed. The open nature of the park draws people in to use the green-space. It is open, accessible, and looks nice just the way it is. There are also almost zero vehicles that drive through the park. Again, if there is not a problem, why spend money trying to fix it. The look-outs are great. The naturalization is great. The picnic areas are great. The paths on the west side of the Muttart are great. Let's not spend money for washrooms, paths, or barricades that are not wanted on the east side the park. That money would be better spent upgrading the rink shack (which is a far better washroom location)

Tom 9 months ago

There needs to be a balance between the residents living in this area and the visitors/other users of Gallagher park and Gallagher hill. These lovely areas in particular should NOT be developed to be the same as Hawrelak, Rundle and Emily Murphy parks. This greenspace is located right in the middle of a neighborhood and these residents should have the right to quiet and safe surroundings. It should remain a free space without paved paths, permanent washroom facilities or fencing. Let's be clear that it is the Muttart and ski hill which are the more public use venues. Those areas should have safe, well marked paths to/from the LRT station. If seating/ eating areas are developed they should be located in those areas as that is where most park visitors spend their time.

Reviewer of Plan 9 months ago

As a resident of Cloverdale I appreciate the concept plan and the thought that has gone into improving the overall park and surrounding area. I support the sidewalk along 96 Avenue and then along 95 Street despite many of the other comments. Many times I have observed vehicles parked on the grass and into the park during the winter and this type of barrier between the roadway and park is not that intrusive if planned and design appropriately. I see value in creating a new road to the ski hill as it would alleviate some of the traffic and access issue along 96A Street. I also support the lookouts and picnic areas to improve the overall impact of the experience and the paved path to improve access for those with mobility concerns. The permanent bathrooms are also a welcomed improvement however the proposed location is clearly not ideal and requires further consideration. While not in the concept plan, the overall upkeep of the park and improvements to the landscaping could also be improved as the trees and shrubbery is a bit overgrown and unsightly.

Long Time Resident 9 months ago

Thank you for the vision put into the Gallagher Concept Plan. Overall, good work, however, some considerations for design: 1. WASHROOM - lots of conversation to echo with no washroom across from residential homes. The washroom should be located in ESC zone to serve where the new picnic benches are proposed along ESC walkway and on hill view near Bird sculpture. Also the Muttart new courtyard on southside of bldg. Perhaps an idea is to locate a 2nd small, single use washroom w small footprint where the existing portable toilet is on northside of skating rink bldg. 2. WALKWAY THRU GALLAGHER PARK - this is overkill with a walkway cutting thru the park, keep it as open and natural as possible. Plus, there are lots of other areas for plaques and storytelling/narrative. 3. LIGHTING & SAFETY: There is considerable drug trade in Cloverdale with unwanted traffic contributing to speeding, late night unwanted activity in Muttart parking lot and along 96 avenue and ESC parking lot. Please consider increased lighting along 96 Ave., it is very dark at night. Muttart parking lot definitely needs security cameras. When considering new lighting (IE: LRT walkway) it would be great to match the old school blue light posts in the neighbourhood. If a walkway/picnic benches are being created thru the base of the ESC from ski bldg. to T-bar, lighting needs to be installed if encouraging walking/riding/eating, it is too dark at night & unsafe with an unlit path. Years ago the community was promised light posts along the cloverdale hill-now would be a time to change the lightposts to the blue historical lightposts-creating a nice viewpoint for the city. 4. CAMEL HUMPS-keep as natural as possible. People love the camel humps as is and find a creative solution to include story thru the zone.

Georgina 9 months ago

Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the Concept Plan. I do not intend to repeat all the valid comments made previously, but I do want to express my concerns with an overarching deficiency that I see with the report.
In making determinations as to the future of Gallagher Park, it is imperative that the City keep forefront in its mind that the park is not like other River Valley parks, like Hawrelak or Emily Murphy or Gold Bar or Kinsmen Park. Those parks are suited for more extensive development, given their larger sizes and locations. In contrast, Gallagher Park is uniquely surrounded by residential development. Cloverdale is first and foremost a residential community. This distinguishing factor is a pivotal consideration that seems to be, for the most part, largely ignored by the current plan. I echo the concerns of others that undue emphasis appears to have been placed on the views or wants of the overwhelming majority of the respondents who admittedly visit the park only once or twice a year for Folk Fest or attending the Muttart Conservatory. A view of the day-to- day use of the park paints a very different picture, and the needs of those users should be given at least equal (or more) consideration. The "natural" feel of the green space of the hill was one of the most attractive features of the space when we used to choose to visit Gallagher Park, and was a strong motivating factor in our eventual decision to locate our family here.
The one issue which appears to have galvanized all respondents is the proposed placement of public washrooms on the east side of 95th Street. This aspect of the proposal has been universally censured by all, and for good reason. Locating a public washroom directly across the street from private residences is horribly ill-conceived. Importantly, it demonstrates a total lack of appreciation of the valid interests of the residents. To be clear, this is not simply a case of NIMBY. No one would want such a facility literally filling their front room window, with all the attendant issues associated with its operation and upkeep. The residents of Cloverdale already endure significant interruption in the community through the Folk Fest, Accidental Beach, the Edmonton Ski Hill, Muttart, etc. The City needs to be careful not to change the valued character of the area such that it is no longer a community with a park, but rather, a simple recreational destination or stopping point. As always, an appropriate balance needs to be struck. For example, while increased lighting of paths may be something that certain users would like, we must be careful to ensure that such lighting is truly needed and will not be utilized in such a way that light pollution impacts those that face the park.
In short, I would urge the City to carefully consider the input of parties who use the park regularly, and ensure that any new elements to be incorporated are complimentary to, and not in conflict with, what is already working well. Thank you.

Concerned in Cloverdale 9 months ago

Thank you for the opportunity to provide comments on the concept plan. I find it distressing to read some of the comments from residents of my community. Some of their comments illuminate the self interest and lack of understanding that the concept plan is about a park that is meant to be enjoyed by all residents of Edmonton and visitors to our city; not just by the people that live near it.
This comment: "Public restrooms at the playground are unnecessary and unwanted. The location should be changed to the ski club, the Muttart or the LRT stop. As residents, we can just go home to use our own facilities." illustrates that lack of understanding that this park may be used by people that do not live a block or a few blocks away. When I was serving as a volunteer on the community league, I recall a time when we had a knock on the door of the CCL hall during one of our league meetings. The hall was not open to the public at this time of the evening but I went to the door to investigate the reason for the knock on our door. A pregnant mom was at the door and she had her young child by the hand. She realized that the building was not open to the public but asked if it was possible for her to take her child to the washroom. She and her child appeared to be in desperate need of using the washroom. Of course, I allowed her to enter and use our facilitates. She was very grateful to be able to access our toilets. After this incident, and after consulting with our board, we decided to approach the COE and request a port a pottie to have onsite since most of the year the community hall is not open to the public. The COE performed a site assessment on the rink shack and the result indicated that the rink shack had many areas if deficiencies and it was recommended that it not be open to the public without major renovations. According to one long time resident of Cloverdale, the rink shack used to be open 7 days a week 24 hours a day and that they had never had any problems that have been identified by some of the comments regarding this concept plan. In recent years, the CCL board realized that liability that exits with having a public facility open all day and night without proper supervision and without a COE employee opening and closing the building. A port a pottie has been available for the public to use that are using the spray park, sledding hill, Gallagher hill, picnic area, playground and for the many runners, roller bladders', nordic skiers training, dog walkers etc. that use this public area on a daily basis.

Resident of Cloverdale 9 months ago

There shouldn't be any vehicle barricades or sidewalks along 95th street. It should just be left open. It isn't clear how this would improve the park at all. People use that area to play sports or have picnics. Nobody but city workers drive onto that part of the park. There is no value added for doing this, it chops up an open area that is otherwise well used and enjoyed.

Emma 9 months ago

Public toilets are a terrible idea. There is no need to add them to this part of the park. They will just become dirty vandalized shelters that make the park a less inviting safe place for the families that use it now.

Emma 9 months ago

Excellent work!
I appreciate the effort that has gone in to preparing a plan that reflects the interests and needs of the community, not just the immediate area. Our ski hill, rink, and sledding area have long been used by people from throughout this part of the city, and the non-winter use is now increasing as well.
The provision of a proper washroom will hopefully end the public defecation and urination that has become all too common, eliminate the unsightly and unsanitary portable toilets, and encourage activity by local residents that live more than a five minute walk from the park. Placing them near the spray park and the most common access to the sliding area compliments these facilities quite well. With reasonable landscaping and setback from the road , they should not interfere with any residents view or enjoyment of the area. The presence of city staff to open and close these facilities daily will go a long way to promote security and reduce vandalism in the park area.
The new road and trail connections should make the area accessible without adding traffic to our neighborhood streets, It would be great if a parking area for the sliding hill could be configured to reduce on street parking, but not interfere with the park scape and summer use. Perhaps a concrete reinforced grass surface could be installed, which could be winter parking and a semi hardened and well drained surface for the summer festivals.
The addition of wakways/sidewalks adjacent to 96th Avenue is very welcome. Perhaps this same treatment should be added to 92nd Street, where pedestrians travelling between the signalized crossing of 98th Avenue and Cloverdale Hill are forced to share the road with vehicles.

All in all, a well considered, thought out, and prepared plan.

Pedalhead 9 months ago

The idea of adding benches or a sidewalk to 95 Street entrance seems to forget the idea that this is the main way that people enter the park. The open, inviting, unimpeded entrance way should not be altered. The entrance-way for green space and tobagganing should not be impeded with the addition of benches or even possibly a sidewalk. The residents of 95 Street do not want benches or a sidewalk here.
It seems the consultants on this project have not spent any time observing how the park is used. It is also highly undesirable to have a paved path through the park. Agree with other commenters that there are adequate trails, safe roads for cyclists, runners etc. This seems to be something intended for folk-fest - which is only a 4 day festival (if it ever happens again). We should not ruin the park for the every day users to satisfy this festival.

JAG 9 months ago

Overall the plan looks good to me, except I don't know why the proposal to build a new road to the ski club parking lot is necessary. For such a small facility with already limited parking, is the expense of building and maintaining a new road (along with the associated safety risks of having it cross popular walking/cycling trails) really worth it for the small amount of traffic generated through the neighbourhood, for only a short period throughout the year? The Muttart already brings vastly more vehicles into the community, year-round, and that access is staying put.

The City should also reconnect the paths that runs alongside Connors Roads to connect with the Low Level Bridge more directly. With the loss of the previously-existing sidewalk due to the Valley Line, reestablishing a more direct connection would be beneficial for active-transportation commuters looking for a more direct route to and from downtown.

Daveography 9 months ago

The city can barely pay its bills and is planning to lay off hundreds of supervisor positions, yet wants to install a public washroom meters aware from a building that already has washrooms? Looking at the comments below none of the residents, who I assume are the people using the park, want a washroom in first place. s-m-r-t

Boyd 9 months ago

I like the addition of paved paths to support accessibility in, through, and around the park. People with mobility challenges and parents with strollers will benefit.

I also support the addition of public restrooms at the park. I believe that concerns about the proposed location are warranted so you may wish to review where they are located. However, having public restrooms is a matter of human dignity. There seems to be fear that they will only be used for crime. I have heard that a lack of public restrooms is a serious concern for pregnant mothers. If they are visiting the park, then public facilities should be available to them. Thank you.

takebackthestreets 9 months ago

The proposed paved pathway through Gallagher park would be exactly where people sit every day to enjoy the park because it’s the only shady spot! Please don’t cut through it with pedestrian traffic. And, seriously, the roads on either side are lovely and sufficient for cyclists and walkers who use them every day!

Cloverdale 9 months ago

Save money and ditch the paved trail through the park, it is completely unnecessary. As for the bathroom, it would make way more sense to have it by the rink & baseball diamond instead of putting it in the field near 95 street.
And to not be a total downer, I do think the lookout seems pretty cool.

Resident of cloverdal 10 months ago

The proposed location of the new public washroom is pretty terrible. That is not the appropriate spot - it’s far from where people gather and breaks up the view of the park for residents on 95street who would then be looking at a public washroom instead. Is it even necessary?

S. v-W 10 months ago