LDA20-0216 Strathcona The Baron Rezoning

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Consultation has concluded

***The discussion has concluded and a What We Heard Report will be posted here when available.***

Thank you for participating in engagement activities for this rezoning application.

The application is expected to go to City Council Public Hearing for a decision, with the exact date still to be determined.

***The discussion has concluded and a What We Heard Report will be posted here when available.***

Thank you for participating in engagement activities for this rezoning application.

The application is expected to go to City Council Public Hearing for a decision, with the exact date still to be determined.

Tell us what you think about the application

Please let us know what you like and what could be better about this application. What should Council know as they decide whether or not to approve the rezoning? Other people that visit this part of the site will be able to see your comments.

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Don’t make Whyte Ave more commercial than it is. These decisions are irreversible and since the building has been there for 110+ years, I think there’s tons of value in keeping it what it is!

Lea 8 months ago

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G.P. Zurek 8 months ago

I wish to inform the City that I am opposed to the rezoning application primarily due to the fact that the proposal does not meet the requirements of the recently approved Strathcona Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP). The Strathcona ARP was revised less than two years ago to reflect the findings of the planWhyte study. The planWhyte study was initiated in part to address development pressures in the Whyte Avenue area and the findings of the study, which were incorporated into the Strathcona ARP, reaffirmed the importance of the historical character of the Whyte Avenue area. The planWhyte study and the associated revisions to the Strathcona ARP are recent, are relevant and reflect the views of the public. Specifically the proposed building height of 34 m and the mass of the proposed building is more than twice the allowed height of the 15 m allowed in the Heritage Character District. Generally I am supportive of redevelopment in exiting neighborhoods as long as those developments meet the zoning and area plan requirements and are appropriate for the scale of the neighborhood and adjacent buildings. This proposal meets none of these requirements and will negatively impact the area by: increasing the shading of adjacent properties and sidewalks; reducing the privacy of the adjacent properties; and creating a unsightly and abrupt transition to much lower 4 story buildings. An eleven story building and its associated negative impacts is simply too high and too large for the Heritage Character District. For these reasons I ask that the City reject the proposed application.

G.P. Zurek 8 months ago

This is going to amount to nothing more than a over priced eyesore. It will end up being too expensive to live in for most people, and the retail floor will end up being vacant. Like any of the other empty storefronts all along Whyte Ave. Keep it the way it is. Gentrification is not always the answer.

Em.Ant 8 months ago

It would be sad to turn tis into a high rise. So many empty high-rise already. Leave our heritage for future generations.

Cecili Floreancig 8 months ago

Tearing down a legacy building for yet another tower on a block known for its rustic charm is not going add to this neighborhood. It will be yet another cold building staring down on you cramping up what is already becoming a row of large towers. Not only will the sky line be altered but much the same the atmosphere walking down the street will be sacrificed. Many know of the landmark location and local business when pigs fly and I could not see anyone mentioning a name of a tower to describe this corner. Don't tear down this historic building and representative business to satisfy the needs of building condos no one can easily afford. Many in the area also require the low rent buildings available to them here and I am afraid too many condos will increase the overall rent of the area. Thank you for your consideration.

Matt R.

Matthew Rose 8 months ago

I have major concerns with this proposal. While I believe there are some positive features to the proposal—the construction techniques, the mix of commercial and residential, etc.—the height and density are problematic and in direct contradiction to the wishes of the community as represented in the Strathcona Area Redevelopment Plan. To run counter to this plan—created after extensive consultation and work—is highly problematic and to be frank, insulting.

AR 8 months ago

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Yefrech 8 months ago

Citizen: " This is what we want".
City Planning Dept.: "This is what we heard".
City Planning Dept.: "This is what we're going to do regardless, so too bad".
Citizen:" Pointless discussion".

James T 8 months ago

Our history is a very important part of who we are. It must be protected and preserved at all cost.

ddunlop 8 months ago

I am strongly opposed to developments of this kind on Whyte Ave. What makes this area so unique is the charm of it—tearing down historical buildings and removing small independent businesses destroys what makes this area special.

Lise 8 months ago

Our history is vital. We need to do all we can to preserve and protect it.

ddunlop 8 months ago

The city should not allow this building to be demolished. Edmonton has destroyed so many historical buildings already. It needs to be kept and preserved. Whyte Ave will lose its character if everyone is just allowed to build whatever they want.

Hollas 8 months ago

I don’t agree with demolishing a historic building. I also think 9 to 11 stories is just way to talk of a building to place on Whyte Ave. It is not downtown; it is part of a neighbourhood; and the street is not very wide so a tall building on the avenue is not going to fit in. It will create a massive wall on the avenue.
I am not against development or progress but please, let’s be smart about it. You take down history and it’s gone forever.

Lydia 8 months ago

I live close to Whyte avenue. I oppose building high buildings next to whyte avenue. They block sunlight and feel less pedestrian friendly. I also want the historic feel maintained.

Whyte ave resident 8 months ago

Whatever happened to the historic character of the neighborhood? This all started with the mysterious fires that
razed Smitty's Pancake House and Hub Cigar that led the way for new development (otherwise prohibited except in the
event of total destruction of the property) and which has now become the norm. Big shout out to John Day! Whyte Avenue has gone from funky local business to nothing more than chain
stores and restaurants with no character, all paying exorbitant
rents to developers, all of which results in a sanitized and
mundane experience. Stick to the plan Council! Why bother
with heritage plans if you allow for so many exemptions?

hodge 8 months ago

With some reservations, I am in favour of this application for rezoning. Edmonton desperately needs to increase urban density and reduce outward expansion to mitigate its impact on the environment and climate change, to make the city more livable, and to make efficient use of public money spent on infrastructure. Imagine how much space 65 units would take up in a typical Edmonton suburb! While this building does have historical significance, its aesthetic value and contribution to the character of the area is minimal.

It would be preferable not to take a piecemeal approach to increasing density. The space for shops at street level must also be maintained. I would also not support an increase in parking spots to accommodate this new development.

JS 8 months ago

I want to voice my full support for this development project. I lived in a historical property directly on Whyte Avenue for 5 years while attending the UofA. I enjoyed all of the vibrancy and charm of the Ave; however, Whyte Ave has been in decline for several years as the economic downturn has hit Edmonton, and Alberta in general, hard. Edmonton has an opportunity to look to the future both architecturally and economically, with an innovative and first of its kind development in Canada - using a Mass Timber construction.

A lot of comments have focused on the "historical significance" of this property. Unfortunately, what people are failing to notice here is that it is not this actual property that is of historical significance, at least not any longer - it is the associated block. The property has already undergone various renovations over the years, losing whatever historical charm it may have once possessed once that awful "When Pigs Fly" awning was installed. As I read the City's information, they've stated that the developer has agreed to undergo a Provincial Heritage Resource Impact Assessment prior to any demolition in order to ensure any remaining historical value is preserved. What more can Edmontonians, and indeed Albertans, ask for?

This development will help restore the vibrancy of the Whyte Avenue that we all know and love, supporting local businesses and the economy with residential units. I implore the City of Edmonton to look to our futures, while respecting the past, and approve this application.

JLC 8 months ago

I would vote against this proposal. We have so few heritage building and areas, why must we take them down. I would like to see more urban development but why not on one of the many parking lots or newer buildings.

Lobsters 8 months ago

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DGHowery 8 months ago