Who are Edmonton Elections?

    Edmonton Elections is the non-partisan organization that plans and executes elections on behalf of the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Public and Edmonton Catholic School Boards. Edmonton Elections is committed to the development and delivery of voting processes that are accessible, inclusive, equitable, and ethical.

    Why is Edmonton Elections asking about the voting experience?

    Edmonton Elections wants to ensure that voting opportunities remain accessible and inclusive. By understanding more about barriers to participation, Edmonton Elections can adapt voting processes to meet voters needs more effectively.

    Has Edmonton Elections asked about the voting experience before?

    Yes - in 2016, Edmonton Elections published the Understanding Voter Needs report. The report described the insights shared by those who identify as seniors, youth, new Canadians, indigenous and persons with disabilities.

    What will Edmonton Elections do with this information?

    The insights shared through the public engagement process will be used to plan the 2025 Edmonton Election. In particular, what we learn will help shape accessibility plans, that ensure barriers to participation for all voters are addressed wherever possible.

    Why is Edmonton Elections asking these questions now?

    The insights shared in the Understanding Voter Needs report was used to help plan the 2017 and 2021 Edmonton Elections. Those insights may no longer reflect the current needs of voters.

    Does Edmonton Elections manage the voting process?

    All election processes must comply with the regulations set out in the Local Authorities Elections Act, which provides the framework for municipal elections in Alberta.