How does the Ward Boundary System work in Edmonton?

    Edmonton is made up of twelve electoral wards, each represented by a City Councillor. The Ward Boundary structure is built using the criteria in Council’s Ward Boundary Design Policy. Applying these criteria means that City Council represents Edmontonians effectively by keeping the population of each ward as equal as possible. 

    Why is a review necessary?

    A Ward Boundary review takes place following every municipal general election to ensure that the Design Policy criteria are met. Small adjustments to boundaries are often made following these reviews.

    Edmonton has experienced a number of significant changes since the 2017 Municipal Election:
    • The annexation of land from Leduc County and the City of Beaumont has increased Edmonton’s geographic footprint;
    • The population of some Wards has increased dramatically since 2017; and
    • Extensive residential development has taken place in some areas of the City. After considering the impact of these changes, Council have determined that a comprehensive citywide review of the Ward Boundary structure is needed.

    Who conducts the review? When will the review occur?

    In June 2019, Council established a Ward Boundary Commission, made up of members of the public, to conduct a review of the current boundary structure and the Ward Boundary Design Policy. The Commission is the first in Edmonton’s history.The Commission will present a report to Council by June 2020. The Commission’s report may recommend changes to the current ward boundary structure and to the Design Policy criteria.  

    How will this affect me?

    The Ward Boundary system is an essential part of the municipal government process. If the boundaries do not create a relatively even population distribution, some areas of the City may not be represented as effectively as others when important decisions are made by Council.

    How can I get involved?

    The Ward Boundary Commission wants to hear from Edmontonians! The Commission is interested in understanding more about the strengths and weaknesses of the current ward boundary structure, and in learning what opportunities exist that might help develop an improved system.

    Residents can share their thoughts on-line or at a drop-in public engagement event, to be held in the new year.