Why should I get engaged?

    The City of Edmonton values the voices of residents and wants to hear your feedback. 

    Digital engagement is an easy way to positively impact your community and influence the future of your City:

    • Allows diverse voices across the City to participate  
    • You can learn and contribute based on your own time and interests
    • Increased accessibility through options like google translate and alternative text
    • Helps you stay engaged and informed from the beginning to the end of a  project

    How will my registration benefit me?

    Participants who register become part of our online community. They will be able to get involved in multiple projects and receive updates to stay informed.  Participants can choose their username and control what and when they contribute. By registering, you are also providing demographic data which helps The City understand who we are reaching through digital engagement and where we can improve how we reach out to people.

    How will my information be collected and used?

    Collection of Personal Information

    Engaged Edmonton collects information from you when you register to use this site. This includes your email address and any additional demographic information you provide on the registration form. You are only required to provide a username (which will appear publicly any time you make a contribution), email address (not displayed publicly) and postal code (also not displayed publicly). Your email address allows moderators to reach out to you if they need to. 

    Any demographic information we collect is so that we can:

    • Communicate information to you about engagement opportunities, events and other initiatives;
    • Respond to inquiries and otherwise engage with stakeholders; and
    • Accurately analyze and synthesize data 

    Use of material

    By accessing, using, or submitting material for or posting on Engaged Edmonton,  you are accepting and agreeing to comply with the Terms of Use. The purpose of this site is to understand perspectives of participants and get input on City of Edmonton policies, programs, projects, and services. The City reserves the right to monitor and edit or remove any activity or material or inactivate any account that appears to violate these Terms of Use or guidelines for participating in an online discussion. If you repeatedly submit or post prohibited Material, The City reserves the right to prohibit or block you from further activity on the Site.

    For more information, please see the Engaged Edmonton Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

    What are the moderation rules for engaging on this site?

    Moderation of this website is designed to keep participants, site administrators, and third-parties safe from malicious, inflammatory and illegal materials.

    The website is moderated by a professional global moderation team from Bang the Table Pty Ltd in collaboration with the City of Edmonton.

    All public facing contributions - that is, contributions that can be seen by other website users - and Usernames submitted to this website are moderated in accordance with the moderation rules.

    For more information about the moderation, etiquette and use of the site, please visit the following pages:

    I'm having trouble logging-in, what should I do?

    Did you forget your password?

    1. Click on 'Forgot password' in the 'Sign-In' page:

    2. The Reset your Password screen will be displayed. Enter your registered email address, and click Continue.

    3. You will receive a computer generated email to your registered email account with instructions on how to reset your password, an example is shown below.

    NOTE : Check your spam/junk folder as well to ensure you received the email.

    4. Clicking the Reset password button, will display the Change your password page.

    Use the instructions given on the page to set your new password.

    NOTE - If the email to reset your password is not in the junk/spam folder then try clicking again on the forgot password button only after 15 minutes. This time gap is to prevent spammers. 

    Source: https://helpdesk.bangthetable.com/en/articles/3639172-recover-your-password 

    How do I change my username on Engaged Edmonton?

    Download this step-by-step guide for directions on how to change your username on Engaged Edmonton.