Gallagher Park Concept Plan

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Consultation has concluded

This project is now closed for input. Thank you for your contributions! A What We Heard report and the final plan will be posted when completed.

This project is now closed for input. Thank you for your contributions! A What We Heard report and the final plan will be posted when completed.

Let us know what you think.

Please review the information about the concept plan (enlarged plans are included in the presentation, see "Presentation Videos About the Draft Plan" section), and let us know if you think we missed anything. Your feedback will be considered as the team finalizes the plan.

CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Hello! I love the proposed plan for Cloverdale; the tables, lights, viewing areas and walking paths. It’s very well done. The one and only thing that I dislike is the toilet on 95 Street. There are three other possible locations; at the base of the Edmonton Ski Club, by the Muttart or beside the community hall. The idea of a toilet directly in front of residential houses does not appeal to me at all. There has to be a better alternative.

Wendy Bosch 10 months ago

Sewer service and drainage should be the first phase. The snow melt water (especially from the Ski Club snow pack) blocks several drains in the neighbourhood.

Are all the sewer services in our neighbourhood seperated/modern/up to date? If they are maybe they need to be expanded; especially with greater use of the space.

Surface improvements & new buidlings should be done after the drainage/sewer service is addressed.

Klover Daler 10 months ago

Installing vehicle barriers seems unnecessary.
Appreciate the new pathway behind the ski club. Looks like a bike path to drive bikes out of the neighbourhood and into the park.
Not sure if extra landscaping up the hill towards Connors road is necessary. Hope the drainage issue at the bottom of the path (S of the Muttart/W of ski club parking lot) is addressed.
Not sure if you are proposing a pavedpath up along Gallagher Hill, adjacent to CloverBar rd, where there is currently a grass path? (is this to take walkers off the road?) . Also are you making an improvement to the turn off CloverBar rd onto 97 ave?
Or path on 96A by the Muttart parking lot? (this one seems unnecessary as most folks go through the parking lot)
Also don't like the placement of the washroom: should be where the current portapotty is by the rink.
Seems like there is a proposal to improve the camel humps path from the top of the hill to the staircase: great!

Sonia 10 months ago

Please no development of the main hill area, especially no public washrooms directly across from our homes. I understand improving the area around the Muttart with all the LRT development, but it does not need to extend beyond that.

Cloverdale Resident 10 months ago

Thank you for including better lighting along the pathways south of the Muttart Conservatory as well as the inclusion of picnic structures by the Peace Dove. A great view of downtown and a spot to be enjoyed. Not sure what "upgraded pathways" in the Camel Humps is meant. If it entails gravel or better navigation with naturalized steps, then that is welcomed when very muddy or slippery.
Also pleased to see the incorporation of historical and interpretive stops to give context to this central park that has so much more to offer than its setting and natural beauty.
Although in theory I agree with a seasonal warming hut and washroom, placement and monitoring will be key to making them acceptable by residents.

Cloverdale connector 10 months ago

I have serious concerns about a washroom building in Cloverdale (Gallagher) Park. This year has been particularly bad for undesirable non-residents coming into the neighbourhood, with continuous thefts from yards, garages, and homes, and discarded needles, bottles, etc. When the LRT arrives we know it will get worse. Putting in a washroom building will surely compound this. The benefit can't possibly outweigh the negative effect on our community.

bill holden 10 months ago

Also: Pedestrian connections to/from Strathearn, to/from 98 Ave and the Camel Humps, to/from Bonnie Doon, to/from Mill Creek ravine should be a bigger focus.

Tim Querengesser 10 months ago

Please don't put a public washroom in the middle of our park. I do not understand why there needs to be another washroom in the neighbourhood. But if the community agrees we need one, it should not be next to a playground and in such a highly visible location. As others have suggested, having washrooms as part of the LRT stop, or near it, make much more sense.

-Matt 10 months ago

I'm fine with all of the proposals except for the new road, as I pointed out through numerous meetings. It seems the concerns of affluent homeowners trump the stated vision of the redevelopment here, which is to encourage active mobility, LRT and ecology. A new road doesn't do that. I look forward to hearing how the city explains that one. Otherwise, decent work here. -Tim Querengesser

Tim Querengesser 10 months ago

The concept of a public washroom in the park (and front yard of residents) is completely unacceptable. There are clearly plans to expand the picnic area by the Muttart near the LTR and, if public washrooms are deemed a necessity, this is a more reasonable, useful and sensible location. Given the large homeless camp that has sprouted up in Rossdale that has gone unchecked and unregulated by the City, the public washroom in Callaghan Park as proposed would make this location a desirable spot for a similar encampment. At least in Rossdale, it isn’t in the middle of a residential community. I am unaware of any other public washroom positioned directly across the street from residential homes. Other public washrooms (Whyte Ave.) have been the source of concern for public safety and nearby businesses, and there is no reason to imagine that the same concerns wouldn’t arise here. The marked difference between that situation and this proposal is that this location is not on a major street and business area and is instead placed in a beautiful quiet park and in the front yards of residents. Ridiculous and ill conceived.

Enraged 10 months ago

The decision to exclude the Cloverdale League and Muttart Conservatory from the park plan is problematic. These "separate" entities (as well as the Edmonton Ski Club and Bennett Centre) are integral to the life of the park and are important partners in the success of the public's enjoyment of this space.

Please plan in partnership with these cornerstones of the community.

From the FAQ:

Q:Why is the Cloverdale League area not included in the project?
A:The community league lands are leased to the community league, are not intended for City-wide uses and are not the subject of City-wide engagement.

Q:Why is the Mill Creek Day Lighting Plan not considered in this concept plan?
A:It is considered, along with other neighbouring plans, but is outside of the project boundary area.

Q:What is happening at the Muttart Conservatory? How is that related to this work?
A:The Muttart Conservatory is currently closed to the public for rehabilitation. The rehab project is seperate from the Gallagher Park Concept Plan.

Klover Daler 10 months ago

Overall there are some excellent ideas presented in the videos and design drawings - and one really bad idea - the proposed public toilets sitting out in left field (literally) along 95 Street - but more on this later. I really like the walking path from 97 Avenue up to Connors Road, with lookouts and benches like the new Laurence Decore lookout on Saskatchewan Drive. I also like the concept proposal of a walkway along the east side of 95 Street facing the park. This walkway should be wider than just 1.5 metres, to match, at least, the 2.4 metre wide promenade path along 97 Avenue. It could even be wider and incorporate tree grates and the benches and fence. It should be noted that the snow windrow is piled up on the park side in winter. BTW the benches should face the Park and not the houses across the street. The benches would be well used, similar to Victoria Promenade. The public toilets on 95 Street - what can I say but no, no, no...please no. If public toilets are necessary they should be located central to the whole developed part of the park - that is the skating rink, spray park, playgrounds and Community Hall. They should be located near the Community Hall where utility services are available, or ideally near the skating rink shack where there is vehicular access and opposite the Bennett Centre parking lot. Locating the public toilets within 10 metres of residential homes is just not acceptable.

Cloverdale Citizen 10 months ago

The plan looks good. I think the issue with drainage on the bottom on the hill by the Community Hall (South West and South East of the hall) needs to be addressed. I'm not in favor of the public washrooms in the park itself (perhaps these could be closer or at the LRT stop). I would also like to see the ESC building be rebuilt into space that the ESC can use year round.

Braden 10 months ago

Absolutely NO to public washrooms in the Cloverdale community!

AWag 10 months ago

The plan looks good and is well thought out. I do agree with others that the washroom is not needed. If it is deemed a necessity, it would be best placed near the skating rink, on the north side of the community league. I believe there are port-a-johns there now.

Ashton 10 months ago

Vehicle barriers if done properly might keep vehicles off the park grounds but I have personally witnessed a sports car parked in the playground for a photo shoot. I am not a fan of fences and sometimes they are just seen as a challenge to be overcome by those determined to do what they want. The Park hours are 5AM-11PM but it is used 24 hours a day. Rules & fences are nice but they don't always operate as intended, sometimes they just interfere with honest fun.

The hill is fast and tobogganers can come to a stop into the playground; I have witnessed this many times. The speed combined with a paved road/pathway across their path may be dangerous. I damaged a sled and my father broke his leg hitting an obstacle in our path on another hill many years ago.

Washroom access for the public (not the existences of washrooms) is the issue. We have washrooms at the Bennett Centre, Community Hall, Ski Club, Muttart Conservatory (and maybe coming to the LRT stop?). If we do need to add more washrooms there are probably some better locations with ready access to water, electricity and plumbing/sewer: 1) In a rink shack; 2) add to the exterior of the Community Hall; 3) add to the exterior of the Ski Club; 4) top of the tobaggan hill 5) between the ball park and the rink 6) take out the on street parking on 97 avenue north of the playground and put something there. I can't see an upside for a structure (or structures) on the 95 Street side of the park over any of these other alternatives. It would also be nice if we could get our collective acts together and figure out a way to build on and share what we have already have. These existing facilities may not be "public" but they serve the public and have volunteers & employees that could also help with maintenance, cleaning and security of the facilities.

PS Your videos are hosted on a public site but not "listed"; effectively making them kind of hidden. Why not open them up for searching & finding by the public?

Klover Daler 10 months ago

Please consider vehicle barriers on 95 St as well to discourage some drivers from transporting their friends and family up the toboggan hill in the winter to save them making the walk. Public washrooms are not necessary and a big expense - most park users come and go. Lastly, the sidewalk going east to the Low Level bridge is heavily used and woefully inadequate for the numerous walkers, bikers and runners that use it.

Landing Resident 10 months ago

The location of the public washrooms is awful. Also there is no need for fences or permanent structures along 95 st. As a resident of 95 I strongly oppose putting stand alone bathrooms at the proposed location. I’m concerned that it could bring more illicit use of the area. We have many young families here that do not want such in the neighborhood.

MCT 10 months ago

For as long as this Plan has taken, it is underwhelming. And with the few changes that are noted, some of them are very bad ideas.
- Do NOT put public washrooms. What is the need? Who would maintain? Completely opposed.
- Why are there picnic tables in the small tree stands at the end of 96 street? Unnecessary. Save the trees.
- Do NOT put paved paths in the park area labeled Camel Humps - keep these as is.
- I would like to see more opportunities to activate this park year round - downhill skiing, cross country skiing, biking, restaurant / patio, concerts. I don't see this plan specifically addressing that.
- There were other ideas put forward previously that had opportunities for climbing walls and bike parks. Are these not being considered?
- I do like the new path that cuts from the rink past the playground to street.

Cloverdale Resident 10 months ago

We do NOT want standalone washrooms in Gallagher Park!

Michelle 10 months ago